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Bricking it!

I don’t know what’s so fascinating about things that are old and abandoned but there certainly is something!

It’s a complete adrenaline rush and a wave of different emotions, from the planning all the way to the ride home in the car. Urban Exploring has definitely become one of my favourite things to do!

This amazing find is an old abandoned brickworks called Allen Brickworks in Hipperholme.

Google maps however turned this into a complete adventure! Basically it took us the wrong long way around down some epic dirt paths resulting in us having to make friends with a random stone yard owner to be able to abandon the adventure wagon and commence foot patrol to our destination!

As long as you don’t mind hills this is a beautiful walk down into the bottom of the valley. It is possible to drive down closer but I wouldn’t advise it in anything other than a purpose built monster truck or a vehicle of that description!

We didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, but we certainly didn’t account for what we found, the place is massive! We were there for a couple of hours at least. There’s so many out buildings and building blocks to go in.

If you like street art this is the place of all places to see it! It’s literally the paradise of street art and design, Nearly every wall every floor, roof and brick is covered. The contrast is amazing the old bricks and buildings with their run down appearance are given a vibrant new look. The floors are littered with empty spray cans of all ages.

It’s always quite nerve-wracking exploring around derelict sites you just don’t know what to expect or who! We bumped into “people” for the first time ever and believe you and me it’s a bit scary at first. You don’t know why their here you hope there equally as adventurous as you are but due to the nature of the places there’s a chance some of the people might be up toย “no good” luckily everyone we met were cool! A group of street artists looked as frightened to see us as we did them at first. There was also a couple the same as us exploring around taking pictures and then finally a group of younger people out with their pet dog.

There was so much to see but some of the buildings are just empty rooms due to a lot of the fixtures and original fittings being destroyed over time.

This place was brilliant but due to the sheer size of it, it would be impossible to upload and share everything with you all at once so stay tuned for part too with loads more photos as we adventure around as well as the people we met and the history behind the place.

Well that’s enough jabbering now for this one the pictures say it all! This is literally an adult adventure playground!

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People watching at Salts Mill and not in a creepy way!

People are fascinating creatures. Each one completely different from another. There’s never a better opportunity to see going about their business than in a busy setting. So with that said and armed with the camera a trip to the beautiful and historicย Salts Millย inย Saltaire.

Salts mill used to be a textiles mill but is now used as an art gallery, with places to eat and shop. It was built way back in 1853 by Sir Titus Salt. (side note, if you have never heard of this guy look him up!) When the mill was built it was the largest industrial building in the world! This was calculated by the total floor area, and quite rightly because its massive.ย The mill its self is situated in the heart of Saltaire and closed its doors as a textile mill in 1986.

Saltaire is a world heritage site, its beautiful, walking around is picturesque and perfectly reserved in its Victorian glory. All the houses and buildings are bursting with character from the Victorian period, hence why the site is so heavily protected. All the houses were built by Sir Titus Salt for his mill workers and staff. The houses are still being lived in today.

The day we decided to adventure here was the weekend that Roberts Park were hosting the Dragon Boat Racing event, so it was heaving around the area, as well as the blistering sunshine that had spontaneously come out to play.

Salts Mills art gallery houses several large rooms to display the very talented Bradford born artistย David Hockney.

On the ground floor is my personal favourite part of the mill, the art shop. A beautiful period room renovated beautifully displaying art work, statues and ornaments as well as art and craft supplies and books all devoted to creative minds. The atmosphere is so calm and quiet, and it smells beautiful, floral and fresh.

This lady trying to decide which craft book to buy.
Look at this lady, I wonder what masterpiece she’s off to create.
This women had me mesmerised, so classy.

Around the room colours are everywhere, they stand out beautifully against the dark surroundings. The solid table benches used to display all of the shops items dominate the room. This creates a very old meets modern contrast which works perfectly. I could stay in here for hours.

I love the reflection of the windows in the glass
Gorgeous Artwork Lines the stone walls
the tall window arches create amazing light patches around the room
so many colours and details compliment the artwork behind
Look at the detail and craftmanship in these!

Out of all the pieces around the room my favourite had to be this elderly lady her face really tells a picture, their life in her eyes, history in her face. The way the artist has captured how she olds the saucer reminds me of how my own Nan used to. The longer I looked at it I couldn’t help thinking that’s someone’s grandmas.

My Favourite Piece

Looking around the mill other parts of the structure and decor caught my eye.

Ceiling and Beam

Victorian school desk, I wonder how many children used this

After a look round at the separate parts of the mill it was time to leave but before I did I managed to get a cheeky snap of the Man Himself!

Sir Titus Salt

Sir Titus Salt

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Something a little different …

There’s something about adventuring in the dark, that makes me curious but withย a small amount of hesitation at the same time. There’s a distinct air of eeriness to it which adds to the excitement.

I’m also a massive lover of photography the idea of capturing a whole moment of time in one square of stillness, preserved forever creating memories. I always say if you dont think photos are important, just wait till thats all you have left. I experienced this first hand. So to be able to pick up a still image and be instantly transported back in time reliving a special moment than can never be repeated is priceless.

A great thing about adventuring around geocaching is there’s no better opportunity to take beautiful images. So whilst out adventuring into the darkness the three muskateers decided to try our hands atย light painting photography. Armed with aย Canon sx610 point and shoot cameraย and an LED stick light we decided a tunnel which runs along the sideย of theย Leeds and Liverpool canalย was ideal.

After getting sorted and setting up the camera to takeย long exposure photographsย we got started!

Taking it in turns to jump around, creatively making patterns and letters with the light was so much fun. Why have I never tried this earlier? The results for a first time effort were fantastic. Heres a few that turned out pretty cool …

Light Globeย – Photo taken myself – Jo Webster
Photo taken by myself – Jo Webster
Love Hearts – Photo taken myself – Jo Webster
Light Painting – Photo taken myself – Jo Webster
What better way to tell your partner you love them, than by showing them in lights! – Photo taken myself – Jo Webster
ZigZag Light Painting – Photo taken myself – Jo Webster


As you can see from the photos light painting is a lot of fun if you don’t mind being out at night, it’s certainly something we will be doing again!

My favourite image out of them all is this created by me and my partner the photo has created a lasting memory to look back on jumping around in the pitch black, spinning around and running in all kinds of directions together with friends just enjoying life!

This night memories were made!- Photo taken myself – Jo Webster

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