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Bricking it!

I don’t know what’s so fascinating about things that are old and abandoned but there certainly is something!

It’s a complete adrenaline rush and a wave of different emotions, from the planning all the way to the ride home in the car. Urban Exploring has definitely become one of my favourite things to do!

This amazing find is an old abandoned brickworks called Allen Brickworks in Hipperholme.

Google maps however turned this into a complete adventure! Basically it took us the wrong long way around down some epic dirt paths resulting in us having to make friends with a random stone yard owner to be able to abandon the adventure wagon and commence foot patrol to our destination!

As long as you don’t mind hills this is a beautiful walk down into the bottom of the valley. It is possible to drive down closer but I wouldn’t advise it in anything other than a purpose built monster truck or a vehicle of that description!

We didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, but we certainly didn’t account for what we found, the place is massive! We were there for a couple of hours at least. There’s so many out buildings and building blocks to go in.

If you like street art this is the place of all places to see it! It’s literally the paradise of street art and design, Nearly every wall every floor, roof and brick is covered. The contrast is amazing the old bricks and buildings with their run down appearance are given a vibrant new look. The floors are littered with empty spray cans of all ages.

It’s always quite nerve-wracking exploring around derelict sites you just don’t know what to expect or who! We bumped into “people” for the first time ever and believe you and me it’s a bit scary at first. You don’t know why their here you hope there equally as adventurous as you are but due to the nature of the places there’s a chance some of the people might be up to “no good” luckily everyone we met were cool! A group of street artists looked as frightened to see us as we did them at first. There was also a couple the same as us exploring around taking pictures and then finally a group of younger people out with their pet dog.

There was so much to see but some of the buildings are just empty rooms due to a lot of the fixtures and original fittings being destroyed over time.

This place was brilliant but due to the sheer size of it, it would be impossible to upload and share everything with you all at once so stay tuned for part too with loads more photos as we adventure around as well as the people we met and the history behind the place.

Well that’s enough jabbering now for this one the pictures say it all! This is literally an adult adventure playground!

Happy Reading! 

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The “Top Secret” cache

During my short time geocaching, I’ve been extremely lucky to find quite a range of different caches, starting with the tiniest micro caches to large containers filled with trinkets to swap.

But it wasnt untill this recent little adventure to the stunning Burley in Wharfedale that the three musketeers discovered our first “secretive” cache!

Burley in Wharfedale is situated in the Wharfedale valley in Yorkshire, where the River Wharfe is located. The area is beautiful to walk around from the village centre displaying historic buildings with stunning architecture such as St Mary’s parish church. Other quaint little buildings such as The Round House add to the characters of the village. For all you Countdown viewers Burley Woodhead was home to the late Richard Whiteley.

For fellow geocachers and outdoor enthusiasts, Burley in Wharfedale boasts some beautiful walking routes as well as being a great start for exploring around the lower part of the Yorkshire Dales.

The biggest attraction for a day in the great outdoors is Burley Bridge or the “Stepping Stones” as its more commonly known. This is due to there being no bridge to cross over the river, instead giant stepping-stones make crossing a lot more fun!

Here’s a panoramic photo I took so you can see just how beautiful this place really is.


File 20-04-2016, 15 03 02
River Wharfe – Burley Bridge – Photo taken by myself – Jo Webster

The day we went the River was really high as a result of the recent floods that have effected the area, so the “Stepping Stones” weren’t as visible as they usually are. This made crossing very tricky!

A few people were attempting to cross as but either got stuck halfway and ended up turning back or made a series of Elvis like dance moves as they slipped and slid their way across. My explorer friend GeoJames decided he too wished to audition for Strictly Come Dancing, and decided to attempt to make his way over the river as we the “sensible” ones watched, and believe me it’s quite the distance!

burley in wharfedale.jpg
“Stepping Stones” – Photo taken by myself – Jo Webster

Needless to say the comedy value of this was outstanding! He had reached the other side finally, with extremely wet feet and trousers and a couple of interesting dance moves along the way. The only problem being that he wasnt aware that the stepping-stones are the only way to get across, and the only way back! Priceless …

After skimming stones across the river and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and waterfalls it was time to begin geocaching!

There isn’t that many caches located directly near the river, but one in particular caught our eye whilst scanning through the app. “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” 

We made our way down the country path with open fields either side with animals grazing in the sunshine. It’s always a busy location for other walkers, dog walkers and families so being careful not to attract the attention of “muggles” is quite tricky!

We kept following the compass untill we reached the area where the cache was hidden,  we spent ages racking our brains, searching all around for the cache. Whilst at the same time trying not to attract the attention of passers-by looking like a set of three crazy people searching through bushes and brambles.

There were no hints available with the cache, but the comments from previous cacher’s helped! The hiding place for this cache was ingenious and so creative, after what seemed like an eternity of searching trying to think outside of the box we noticed a fence post with a large silver but slightly aged padlock attached.

The penny ladies and gentleman finally dropped! “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” … the clue was quite clearly in the name! PadLOCK!

What a hiding place, a hollowed out old padlock, walked past everyday by people constantly, only known to a small few what it actually is, brilliant!

File 20-04-2016, 15 30 15
Top secret cache – Photo taken by myself – Jo Webster

Inside a perfectly folded log sheet complete with lots of other geocacher’s usernames.

A little weathered but still in tact log – Photo taken by myself – Jo Webster

As you can see from the log sheet and what amazed us was three years this log has been going, stashed neatly away secretly in the padlock. All in all it was a successful and comical geocaching adventure from Geojames nearly drowning and been swept down the river to hunting for ingenious caches, and on that note I’ll leave you with this question …

Whats the most “secretive” cache you’ve found?

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Happy Reading