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Geocaching in the famous Esholt village

It’s been a while since I’ve kept you all up to date with our geocaching adventures. There’s a couple of reasons for that, the main reason is as a group we’ve been so busy doing so much adventuring and exploring but at the same time we’ve been busy planning our first over night adventure. We’re going mountain climbing and camping in the Yorkshire Dales! We’re going to climb Pen-Y-Ghent. Certainly should be a laugh if nothing else!

So our latest geocaching adventure takes places in Esholt. The village made famous by the filming of Emmerdale, and home to the Woolpack pub. The village is beautiful and for a lot of people visiting who follow the soap drama it makes you feel a little like your on the set! Making our way around the beautiful village following our geocaching map it soon leads us down into the woodland behind the church. 

The first thing we noticed is the strong smell of garlic produced from the plants growing all over like wild fire. All in bloom they look beautiful. The woods are very quaint and pretty looking and coupled with the blistering sunshine pouring in through the trees the whole place is lit up in a summer haze. 

The first cache we’ve found is the most enormous cache I’ve ever seen! Hidden in between the branches and leaves of a bushy tree, camouflaged to perfection the cache was a very unexpected find. 

As always with geocaching opening the cache is always the most exciting part and we weren’t disappointed, swappables galore. Signing the log which had been made out of a book of blank postcards, quite fitting as they were bought from the village post office, owned on Emmerdale by good old Viv! It was nice to see how long this cache has been here so looking back through the left messages was great. 

Making our way back to the village, we stopped for a look around the church which was empty at the time. It’s such a cute and cosy little church with beautiful period features. 

Before we made our way to the next cache in the village we decided a short stop at the Woolpack pub was in order. It was heaving with people inside and out from diners to drinkers to dogs and children, even the touristy people taking quick snaps of the pub. Due to the fact the soap drama was filmed in a studio the inside looks different to the inside of the pub shown on the telly! However a nice touch is the stone original floors complete with wall to wall, pictures signed by cast members past and present. 

The next cache was placed straight opposite the Woolpack pub, which was a problem. Muggles, muggles everywhere! To make it worse it was a cryptic cache. It baffled us. Trying not to draw attention to ourselves, which was literally impossible we decided a drink was in order back across the pub! Sitting outside each of us baffled it was time to consult the app to see if anyone else had left any comments. They had loads all saying the same thing, how ingenious the cache is, how many muggles are around and how baffled they all were, great! Now we had already been over to the cache location tried moving this and that, looking in the cracks and crevices of the wall in front. We even had a resident watching us out of her kitchen window. The amount of people she must see poking around the wall she probably thinks we’re all mad! 

Let’s give it one last try! 

Making our way across the road we began the search.I thought I’d found it by unscrewing a plastic black lid which looked completely out of place upon a silver metal electrical box.I pulled up a long wire that just kept coming out, clearly I should put that back before I blow myself up! Who ever said geocaching wasn’t dangerous was lying! 

Half an hour later and we’re still searching, as were about to give up looking because the sun is blistering, everyone’s curious about what we’re doing, and grey glove has completely beat us with his ingenious hiding places once again, but as if by chance my attention was drawn back to a part on the electrical box that I had tinkered with earlier and discarded. Looking again for the second time and turning the mechanism around I noticed a small plastic black stopper on the top! Behold a quick unscrew and it’s off bringing with it a small plastic tube complete with a tiny piece of carefully folded paper! 

We’ve found it! The Day is now complete! 

Happy Reading 

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